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Classroom Media Assistance
Lower Level Library (LL4)

Location & Availability on Campus

ZOOM HD Camcorder is available for a 1-month loan to Faculty and Staff only. It is a Proof of Concept item for users to try before purchasing. The equipment cannot be bought from Classroom Media Assistance, however, we can information about where to purchase.

Requesting Equipment

Classroom Media Assistance has a central location in the Computer Lab of the Lower Level of the Library. Faculty and Staff can call to request a training as well as loan the equipment in person or by calling 874-4278 anytime during our normal business hours.


Q3HD Zoom Kits: Ease of Use Level I

ZoomKit.jpg Zoom HD Kit

Zoom HD Parts Listing:

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1. Power Button
2. Channel Up/Down
4. Stop/Eject
5. Rewind
6. Play/Pause

CMA Item Manufacturer Model Remarks
Video Recorder Zoom Q3HD ----


Record both visual and audio by directly the camcorder to each individual subject to be recorded at a single time. All captured media are stored on the included 3GB SD card.

How To Use

Set Up

  1. Open all boxes and accessories
  2. Put the foam windscreen on the top of the microphones at the top of the camcorder
  3. Screw on the tripod at the bottom of the camcorder
  4. The power button is on the top right of the camcorder (below the windscreen)
  5. Use the left and right buttons to zoom in and out of the recorded picture range, up and down to adjust the volume
  6. Press the center button to record and again to stop


Recording is a simple one button in the center of the camcorder. It starts and stops recording. Each recording is saved as an individual file on the SD card to be obtained at your convenience.

Get Data

Use an SD card reader to import your data files from the card to a computer to be uploaded.

Uploading Options

When using a Mac, download the program iShrink to make your data files smaller to be uploaded online.

When using a Windows machine use AVS Video Converter.

Or, use a podcast account on the URI Podcast Server to upload your files directly online from the card without having to reformat them to be smaller. For more details, email mike@uri.edu.

Example of Video

ZOOM HD Camcorder Podcast Upload

Further Help

When We're Available to Assist on-Campus

At Classroom Media Assistance, we know that not everything functions appropriately 100% of the time. If you run into any problems while using this or any classroom equipment on campus, call Classroom Media Assistance at 874-4278. We are located on the lower level of Carothers’ Library in room LL4 and are open during the semester between 8AM-11:30PM Mon-Thursday, 8AM-7PM Friday, 10AM-4PM Saturday, and 1-11:30PM Sunday for your convenience.

Information Online

For more information on this system or any of the General Assignment classrooms on the Kingston campus, please visit the CMA homepage, http://www.uri.edu/cma. From the right panel of the page, click either the Classrooms or the Information Technology Services links which lead to lists of all of the self-help articles available. From this list, select whichever option best fits your needs.