Windows Security Advanced

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Important.png ATTENTION
This article is for experienced users ONLY. Do not attempt the following if you are unfamiliar with the material. If in doubt, please contact the Help Desk at 874-HELP.

These are a list of tools that can help with Windows Security. Only users with advanced knowledge should attempt to use the tools.

Auditing Tools

Microsoft Log Parser 2.2

Microsoft scripts

Microsoft AutoRuns

Windows SteadyState

Windows Startup Instpector

Snare EventLog Agent

Microsoft User Mode Process Dumper

Security Tools

See Security Tools.

Software Firewalls


Sunbelt Personal Firewall

Agnitum Outpost Firewall

Tiny Personal Firewall

ZoneAlarm Pro

Further Reading Firewall Priciples

Microsoft Firewall Frequently Asked Questions

Database of services that run at boot time

CIS Windows Benchmarks

Windows Hosts File

Windows Error Encyclopedia

Federal Agency Security Practices (FASP)