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Configuring Windows Mail for Google Apps for Education

We recommend strongly that you process your email on a Web browser rather than a desktop client! Browser processing ensures that you experience the full benefits of Google Apps and you have our Help Desk staff to give you full support and assistance with browser-related questions and issues.

Accessing “Receive / Send” Settings

1. Go into “Tools”
2. Select ”Options…”
3. Under the ”General” tab, under “Send / Receive Messages”, check the box that says Check for new messages every…minutes(s)” and enter the desired number of minutes.
4. Click “Apply”
5. Click ”OK”.

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Configuring Email through Verizon

Verizon requires their customers to authenticate through their server every time they send an email. The following settings should resolve any issues:
1. Go to Tools.
2. Select "Accounts..."
3. The "Internet Accounts" window should appear. Select the desired account and click the "Properties" button.
4. Select the "Servers" tab.
5. Under "Outgoing Mail Server", check the "My server requires authentication" box. Click on the "Settings" button.
6. The "Outgoing Mail Server" window should appear, select the option "Use same settings as my incoming mail server".
7. Select "OK", then click "Apply"