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Who to Call
Applications/ Issues What's it called Who to reach Contact Info Just in Case
Recording audio/video in a classroom, including the prof., the board, and all analog sources.
Saved to a web address for later access
Accordent Capture Station (Chafee 208, CBLS 010,100 only)
Tim Tierney
Tim -44273
If the professor is not in one of the rooms with an Accordent system contact Anibal or Tim for further assistance.
Clicker system;Response Slides, Electronic attendance, Multiple User input.
Turning Point
Janie Palm
Janie - 44487
If she cannot be reached by phone email her at janie@uri.edu
Instructional media related courses for, but not limited to professors.
Computer Short Course Programs
Mary Fetherston
Mary - 45274
If she cannot be reached email her at fether@uri.edu or see link. [1]
Animation, modeling, interactive digital media for curriculum support
Digital Production Resource Center
Roy Bergstrom
Roy - 44269
For more information email Roy at roy@uri.edu or see link. [2]
Audio/Video recordings
Mike Stewart
Mike - 47538
See link [3], email Mike at mike@uri.edu, or aim him at kingkajou for more information.
Any issues with Sakai
Ben Leveillee
Ben - 44484
If he cannot be reached by phone email him at benleveille@uri.edu
Video creation/editing or television station related
Video Production
Tim Tierney
Tim - 42148
Email Tim at timt@uri.edu or see link [4]
Special Events
Special Events
Katie Babula
Katie - 42974