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Internet Ports

When a computer sends information over the network it attaches a header known as a port. Most data sent communicates on port 80 also known as the http port. E-mail programs when sending messages often send messages using port 25 for SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). There are many other special ports all associated with different ways of communicating called protocols.

URI and Internet Ports

To check your access to e-Campus ports, see http://www.uri.edu/helpdesk/index/ports.php

E-campus communicates on four main ports:
7004 - Student log on
7008 - Transferring port / Admission Application
7012 - Faculty Log on
7016 - Forgot Pass, Forgot ID, First Time Users

Common Problems with E-campus Ports

Problem: You get "Page cannot be displayed" when trying to access e-campus
Reason: The computer you are using is behind a firewall that is blocking the e-campus ports.
Solution: Contact your Network Administrator and tell him/her to open the e-campus ports listed above.

Problem: You get "You are not authorized to view this component" when trying to access e-campus
Reason: The computer you are using was recently communicating with e-campus and it thinks you are logging on twice.
Solution: Close your browser and reopen it. If that doesn't work clear cache and cookies. It is not a pervasive problem and often fixes itself.