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A Combination DVD/VHS Player

DVD/VHS Combination Player

Classroom Media Assistance provides DVD and VCR combination players in rooms with Installed Equipment (i.e. Auditoriums, NOMAD Classrooms) as well as providing portable players which can be carried to a room and plugged into either a Television or a Digital Projector.

There is nothing special about our DVD/VCR players, they work exactly like the ones you have used for years.

Installed Classrooms

Installed classrooms have a Media Rack where all the controls for media playback and Projector controls are housed.

Uninstalled Classrooms

Uninstalled Classrooms have no installed equipment, most only have an Overhead/Transparency Projector and a manual pull-down screen.

Please keep in mind if you plan to use a DVD/VHS combination player you need something to display the image, such as a Television or a Digital Projector.
Classroom Media Assistance does NOT provide Televisions, only Digital Projectors as a way to display your video.