Using PhotoBooth to Capture a Short Video

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Launch Photo Booth


Fire up Photo Booth (it’s in the Applications folder) and if you are not in the mode to live-view the image off of the iSight camera, click the photo or video button in the center of the lower toolbar.

Select the Video Tab


Of the three buttons on the left of the lower toolbar, select the one that looks like a piece of film.
This sets Photo Booth up to capture video.

Click the Video Record Button

PhotoboothRECORD.png PhotoboothCOUNTDOWN.png

Click the Video button and Photo Booth will display a countodown timer and then begin recording video.

Stop Recording


When You’ve Captured your Video, click the Stop button.

Preview Recorded Video


After recording, Photo Booth returns to a browser mode, allowing you to look at your already-captured images and videos.

Click on the video you would like to preview, it highlights blue when selected.

Find the Video File


From the File menu select Reveal in Finder or press Command-R.

Move it to the Desktop


Highlight the video file recorded. Drag and Drop it to the Desktop; this allows it to be found easily to upload the video to either Sakai, Youtube, email, or a personal site.

Photo Booth stores content in ~/Pictures/Photo Booth