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URI uses TrueOutcomes to enable academic departments to assess student performance. Student work is collected, evaluated and saved online. This collection of student work fosters program assessment and improvement by answering the following questions:

  • Are we teaching what we need to teach?
  • Are our students demonstrating the learning we expect to see

True Outcomes Login

User: eCampus username
Password: password


My Portfolio allows you to store academic and professional materials.


Current semester work will be done in the Assignments category. Each assignment will be listed by title.
The due date is listed under Status.
The Rubric is found under View Requirements.
You will hand in your documents via Submit. This option will allow you to add up to 5 documents as your response(s) to the Assignment. The Resubmit button will delete the existing document so that you may submit a new version of the assignment up until the due date.
You will see your grade in the View Evaluation tab once it is completed. Your evaluation will show points achieved for each rubric element as well as comments on your work.


This option will allow you to take surveys available for you.


This will allow you to see the typical plans of study for majors that use True Outcomes