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URI uses TrueOutcomes to enable academic departments to assess student performance. Student work is collected, evaluated and saved online. This collection of student work fosters program assessment and improvement by answering the following questions:

  • Are we teaching what we need to teach?
  • Are our students demonstrating the learning we expect to see

True Outcomes Login

User: eCampus username
Password: Webmail password

True Outcomes Instructions

The following links provide amplifying information about using the True Outcomes system:

General Overiew

This pdf includes:

  • How to login to TrueOutcomes
  • How to evaluate student work online
  • Whom to contact for assistance with TrueOutcomes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Certain features of Tru Outcomes appear to be incompatible with Internet Explorer 8. If you cannot access assignments in True Outcomes, please make sure you are using FireFox or IE7 on a Windows machine
This pdf includes:

  • How to log in to TrueOutcomes
  • How to submit/delete/resubmit work for a course
  • How to find instructors' evaluations of your work
  • Whom to contact for assistance with TrueOutcomes difficulties