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Removing Trend Micro Products

To uninstall Trend Micro products, it is best to try the following steps first:

1. Open the Control Panel.
2. Open "Add or Remove Programs".
3. Locate the Trend Micro product on the list and click on it.
4. Click remove and follow any following instructions to remove the product.

Problems Removing Trend Micro Products

If you encounter problems uninstalling a Trend Micro product, you may try to use PCCTool. PCCTool is a utility provided by Trend Micro that includes a program to uninstall current and previous versions of Trend Micro products.

To run PCCTool, open "My Computer" and navigate to this address: "C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\"

Open the folder with the name of the Trend Micro product installed (i.e. "Trend Micro Internet Security 2007").

Within that folder locate the file "PCCTool.exe" and open it.

Depending on your version of PCCTool, you may have to click on an "Uninstall" tab.

You may see something similar to this:

If there is a drop down menu to select a product to uninstall, select the appropriate version in the list and click uninstall. Otherwise, click on the appropriate uninstall button.

This should initialize an uninstaller which can automatically locate and delete program files and registry keys to clean up an unsuccessful uninstall attempt.

PCCTool Features

PCCTool also has other features depending on the version of PCCTool that you have. Features may include the following advanced tools to manage a Trend Micro product such as:

  • Access to the Windows System Configuration Utility (Task Manager and MSCONFIG)
  • Test Internet Connection
  • Delete temporary Trend Micro files
  • Manage quarantined files
  • Install/uninstall firewall
  • Disable (quit) Trend Micro components and processes
  • Debug a faulty Trend Micro product and generate a debug log

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