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ITS Training Sessions Available

Information Technology Services offers a wide variety of Training Topics to URI Faculty and Staff. Some of the topics are offered as a webinar, while others are provided in a classroom for learners who prefer that format. The schedule lists date,time, format and presenter for each topic. Most topics are presented at least twice per semester.

Please check the Training Topics schedule often as it is subject to change.

1. September - December 2016 Information Technology Services Training Topics

2. Classroom Media Equipment Training

PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, there is no registration required for these courses.

Attending an Online Training Session

The first time, and only the first time, a user enters the online Webex Center to access training, he/she will be required to install a browser plugin.
This applies to all browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.).

This is a simple process but requires the user to accept and install the plugin. Once this is completed the user will be able to enter the meeting room. If you don't see the browser plug-installer go to Webex Downloads. Look for the Meeting Center Application. Use the pull-down menu to select either Mac or PC and then click on download. The file will download to your Downloads folder and you will need to navigate there to install it.

Right before the course is scheduled to begin:

  • Open your web browser and navigate to
  • Make sure you are on the Meeting Center tab
  • Browse the Meeting List for the course.
  • Click Join Meeting
  • Type in your name

For more information about joining a meeting, please read this article.

For full information on all aspects of Webex please see the online documentation.

Attending a Chafee 208 Session

Chafee 208 is located inside the Chafee 217 office suite. Chafee 217 is located in the low rise portion of Chafee, so walk past the stairs down to the auditoriums and head through the double doors. You will need to go left in wither of two corridors to reach Chafee 217. Just outside the door to the 217 office suit is a large glass case with information about Instructional Technology Media Services at URI.

Classroom Media Equipment Training

There are several ways to get trained on URI classroom media equipment:

  1. There are online articles with directions in this wiki--simply search for the room by name, such as Ballentine 115) and read the pertinent article. Many articles have video clips and downloadable directions as well.
  2. Before each semester, Classroom Media Assistance offers group training for all the general assignment classrooms on campus. An email is sent to all instructors listed in the eCampus schedule citing the time and location of training for each room to which the instructor is assigned.
  3. Individual training sessions can be scheduled before the start of the semester by contacting Classroom Media Assistance at 874-4278. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of requests, we really cannot accommodate all requests for the first week of classes.

Please read the entire article about classroom media training.

Office for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning Sessions

The Office for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (ATL) has a number of resources designed to ignite interest and discussion among faculty and staff. Their workshops and conversation sessions combine brief presentations with active discussion and exploration of a topic.

The list of scheduled conversations is located on the ATL website.