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Top Hat is a web-based software application that assists faculty in creating an interactive lecture learning experience for their students.Top Hat allows faculty to take attendance, present slides, ask questions and show results without a clicker system. Students use their own mobile devices (laptops, tablets, or smartphones) to engage with the information being presented.

How Top Hat Works is a short video that briefly explains what Top Hat does in the classroom.

Top Hat for Faculty

Top Hat Faculty Resources

Top Hat has a series of how-to video and online directions for creating your course and managing content. Please scan the list below for the pertinent topic:

Faculty FAQ

1. Can I Install The Presentation Tool On A USB Drive?

If you are using a class computer where you have no admin privilege to install new software, you can also run the Presentation Tool from a USB drive connected to the computer. A USB drive can be used with either a Mac or Windows machine. For information on how to make a USB key (drive) for Top Hat, read these directions.

2. How do I adjust my course settings?

Directions are available at Top Hat.

3. How can I edit my account settings?

Please read the Account Settings article.

4. How do I use the course interface?

Top Hat has an Account Settings article online.

5. Does Top Hat integrate with Sakai?

Currently, Top Hat does not integrate with Sakai.

6. Can I Use a Timer with Quick-Add Questions?

Yes, but the timer must be set up as a course default--Top Hat for this are online.

7. How Can I Embed Videos in Questions & Discussions?

Directions on how to embed a video clip.

It 8. How Can I Add Special Formatting (blold, italics, bulleted lists, etc.)to my Question Text?

You can use Markdown language to add formatting to your questions.

9. How Can I Assign Questions to Individuals?

Top Hat an 'Assign to Individuals' feature. Please read the directions online.

10. How Can I Embed Hyperlinks in Questions?

It is possible to embed hyperlinks when you create your questions. There are Top Hat directions online.

11. How Can I Add Math Equations Or Greek Symbols In Top Hat?

Top Hat supports LaTeX. For more information, see the directions online.

12. How Can I Write Programming Syntax in Questions?

For directions on programming syntax in questions, see the Top Hat directions online.

13. How Can I Use MathType In Top Hat?

If you are a MathType user and would like to integrate it into your Top Hat course, please read the directions provided by MathType.

14. How Can I Grade Tournaments?

Please see the Top Hat directions for grading.

15. How Can I Set Up A Practice Mode For Tournaments?

Please read the Top Hat online directions for Tournament practice.

Top Hat for Students

Need help finding your course?


Before you can enroll in a course, you'll need to create a Top Hat account.

If you don't have a Top Hat account from a previous course, follow our quick start guide for some help getting set up. During the account creation process, you'll be able to search for your course by your instructor's name, the Top Hat join code, or course description.

Logging In and Finding Your Course

You can select and enroll in a course at any time by searching for it in the Course Lobby.

Top Hat login

1. Go to the Top Hat Login page.

2. Select your school, enter your username and password, then Login.

3. Click on the Top Hat icon in the top-left hand corner to exit to the Course Lobby

4. This will take you to the lobby where all your courses will be displayed

5. To enroll in a course start by clicking the "Add a Course" button

6. You can now search courses using the search bar.

7. Courses can be searched by course name, Top Hat Course Code, description, or professor name.
8. The results will be displayed and you can click Enroll to participate in the class.

9. Every time you log in from now on, the course should be in your course lobby!

Student FAQ

1. How Do I Add Or Disenroll From A Course?

You can add or disenroll from a course at anytime using the Course Lobby in Top Hat. Please follow these directions online at Top Hat.

2. How do I purchase a subscription from Top Hat?

Subscriptions are available for different time periods. Be sure to review these options at the Top Hat Purchase a License page.

This article also includes information on how to use coupon codes, if you have one.

3. What are the software requirements for Top Hat use?

TopHat supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. They recmmend against using Internet Explorer. For more information, see their Software Requirements page.

4. What is Top Hat's privacy policy?

A copy of Top Hat's latest Security Policy can be found here.

5. What if I forget my password?

Top Hat has a Recover Password link available.
You can also request a password reset from the Login page. Just click the Recover Password link in the bottom left-hand corner.

Student Resources at Top Hat

Top Hat has a Student Success Center with many how-to articles, including:,br>

  • Student Orientation
  • Account Management
  • Payment
  • Working With Specific Devices (such as Android or iOS)

Please note, there is no URI-specific information at Top Hat because URI has not officially adopted it as our Student Polling software solution.