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Schedule (Calendar)

  • Sakai offers a Schedule/Calendar tool to help organize the course.

Importing a Calendar

  • Before importing a calendar you must use your calendaring program to export its information as a file.
  • To import a calendar file:
    • From the menu bar click Schedule.
    • Click Import. Note: The absence of the Import option means that you do not have permission to import a calendar. In some sites, such as My Workspace you may be able to change your permission settings. To do so click “Permissions” and then check the boxes under “import” and click Save.
    • Click the radio button beside the type of calendar file you are importing (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Meeting Maker, iCalendar, or Generic calendar import(comma-separated values)), and then click Continue.
    • Click Browse… and then browse to the calendar file you want to import. When you have selected it, click Continue.
    • You should now see a preview of the items to be imported. You may uncheck items that you don’t want to import.
    • Click Import Events to add the imported items.

Exporting a Calendar Using the iCal Format

  • The Calendar Export generates a text file that follows the iCalendar standard which is suitable for import into other calendaring applications(e.g., Apple iCal, Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar). Recurring events are not currently supported.
  • To export a calendar file:
    • From the Schedule page, choose Export.
    • Ensure that Enable iCal Export? is checked. If it is not checked, check the box, click Save, and click Export to enter the iCal Export page again.
    • Give the schedule a name in the box next to “Schedule Name”. You can click the URL to allow your calendaring program to subscribe to your Sakai calendar.
    • Click Save to save your file or Cancel to return to the Schedule page.

Schedule (Calendar) Documentation from Sakai-Training Site

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