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The Wiki tool allows you to have a collaborative site within Sakai. Wikis are web pages that allow to edit already existing content, and add their own content. Any authorized user can contribute to the site's content, making it a useful tool for groups and class projects.

If the Wiki tool does not appear in the left-hand menu of your site, you can add it using Site Info --> Edit Tools. Please notes that you have a choice of the simple Wiki tool or the more feature-rich Wikispaces Tool. This page is devoted to the use of the simple Wiki tool.

Creating Wiki pages

Click Wiki in the menu on the left-hand side.

If this is your first time accessing this tool you should see a screen similar to the following: Wiki fresh 350.jpg

This is the home page for your Wiki. It contains basic instructions to get you starting with creating your Wiki page.

Editing your Wiki page

Click on the Edit action button beneath the heading to edit your page.

You can now add and edit content by entering text into the textbox under the Edit tab.

Located directly above the text box is a simple text editor which will help with basic formatting, such as bold and italics.

To put text on a new line you must insert two new lines (press enter twice) into the text box, unless there is some other formatting such as a header or list.

Wiki pages use a special syntax for formatting text. On the right hand side of the page is the Wiki Tips help box with some basic formatting tips.

Wiki tips.png

For more information on advanced formatting options, click the More Hints on Wiki formatting link at the bottom of the Wiki Tips box.

You can also edit the Wiki Tips box to enter your own content. This is useful if you want to give your students specific instructions on how to edit the wiki page. Click the Edit:Edit_right link at the bottom of the Wiki Tips box. Students will not be able to edit this side bar.

You can hide the help tips by clicking the Hide Hints link in the upper right-hand corner above the box.

You can see how your changes will look by clicking the Preview tab, located below the action buttons.

If you are only making minor changes and do not think you need to notify the participants watching the page, you can check the box next to Minor Change - Do not send notifications to watchers of this page,located below the Edit text box. Click the Save button to save your changes to the page.

More Documentation on Sakai Wiki from the Sakai-Training Site

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