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The Gradebook tool allows you to input and keep track of students' grades in a more efficient manner. You can import grades directly from your computer into Sakai and vice versa.

In order for grades to be sent to Gradebook 2 from the Assignments and Tests and Quizzes tools, you must first enter the Gradebook 2 tool and click save on the initial setup screen. To change these Gradebook settings in the future, please refer to the Gradebook Settings section below.

Although Gradebook2 can be used alone, it was originally designed as an enhancement to the regular Gradebook tool. This means that instructors can set up Categories and Weighting in the more familiar Gradebook tool, and the values entered there will automatically be reflected in Gradebook2.

Enancements to the original Gradebook in Sakai 2.9 may make it less necessary for some instructors to use Gradebook2. Some instructors prefer the grade display in Gradebook2 and prefer it to the original Gradebook. Gradebook 2 also has a feature permitting "drop lowest grade" in a series of equally weighted gradebook items.

Gradebook2 Settings

Example display of Gradebook2

To edit your gradebook settings, click Edit underneath the page title, then click on Gradebook Settings. A Set Up Gradebook page will appear on the right side of your screen.

You can change the name of your gradebook by typing a new name in the provided text box.

You can choose to organize your gradebook into categories (weighted or unweighted) by choosing from the given dropdown menu

You can choose your grading to be either in Points, Percentages, or Letter Grades by selecting one from the given dropdown menu.

You can also choose different class grade statistics to display to your students by selecting the check boxes next to the statistic that you would like to display to students.

Go to detailed Help Documentation on Gradebook2 from the Sakai-Training Site

Exporting a CSV file from Sakai Gradebook2
Select Tools, and then select Export.
In the next screen, select “No-Structure Gradebook (Only Grades)”, the desired section (not All the sections), and Export as ‘CSV(.csv)’ from the drop-down menus.


Click Export to download the csv file onto your local computer.
Open the csv file in Excel.
Remove all the columns except the columns of “Student Id”, “Student Name” and “Letter Grade”.
The column position is very important. Make sure the “Student Id” is in the first column, “Student Name” in the second column, and “Letter Grade” in the third column.

Csv columns.png

Save the file as:
  1. “CSV (Comma Delimited) (*.csv)” format in Windows Excel, or,
  2. “Windows Formatted Comma Separated (*.csv)” format in Macintosh Excel.
Repeat the above steps for each section in your course site.
Follow the eCampus instructions to upload the csv file(s) one-by-one to eCampus Grade Roster.

For more instructions on editing and using a CSV file for PeopleSoft grade upload, see:

Gradebook Tool Instructions for CSV

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