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The Forums tool allows you to create and manage threaded discussion boards on your worksite. Students, professors, project leaders, and team members can discuss topics at length in an organized environment.

The Forums tool can have multiple Forums, and each Forum can have multiple Topics.

In order to access Forums select the Forums link from the site's left menubar. (If there is no "Forums" menubar item, install Forums in the site by going to Site Info --> Edit Tools.)

Setting Up Forums, Topics, and Threads

  • Click New Forum in order to set up a new Forum.
Forum Settings
  • Choose a Forum Title.
  • Write a short description of the forum. (optional)
  • Write a full description of the forum. (optional)
  • Add attachment from resources. (optional)
Forum Posting
  • Choose whether or not to Lock Forum (Disable people from posting on forum).
  • Choose whether or not to moderate topics in forum. (Allows you to take control of topics posted.)
  • Choose role. (Choose between student or instructor groups.)
  • Choose Permission levels, either predefined or custom.
    • New Forum
      • (Not accessible feature)
    • Change Settings
      • Allow users in group to change forum settings.
    • New Topic
      • Allow users in group to create a new forum topic.
    • Read
      • Allow users in group to read items in forum.
    • New Response
      • Allow users in group to post new response.
    • Mark as Read
      • Allow users in group to mark forum topic or response as read.
    • Response to Response
      • Allow users in group to respond to responses.
    • Moderate Postings
      • Allow users in group to moderate all forum postings.
    • Post to Gradebook
      • Allow users in group to post to the gradebook.
    • Edit Postings
      • Allow users in group to edit own, all, or no postings in forum.
    • Delete Postings
      • Allow users in group to delete own, all, or no postings in forum.
  • Click on either save draft to save forum as a draft, or save and add topic to save forum and post starting topic.

Private Group Discussions

  • The site owner (or another participant with the appropriate role) can enable participants to submit their posts to a topic before they have permission to read the responses of others.
  • Site leaders can change forum and topic settings in combination with pre-defined groups to allow or deny access to specific discussions per group.
  • Click Site Info then Manage Groups then Add to create a new group and then enter the title and select the members of your site to form group.
  • You can set permissions under the Permissions tab within “Forum Settings and “Topic Settings”.

Grading messages in Forums

  • In order to grade messages you must first create an item in the Gradebook:
  • Click on Forums from the menubar.
    • Click the title of the desired Topic.
    • Find and click the individual message to grade, and then click Grade. Alternatively, you can click the title of the thread or Display Entire Message, and then, next to an individual message, click the Other Actions menu, and select Grade.
    • Enter a point value for a grade, and then use the drop-down list to select the item for which you're posting the grade. < br />
    • When you're finished, click Submit Grade. To cancel, click Cancel

More Help Documentation on Forums

Sakai Forums Tool Changes Coming in Sakai 10

  • Identify site members by role or ranked by number of postings.
  • Default start and end times for Forums can be set.
  • Option to import start and end dates for Forums.
  • Add ability to move a thread to a different topic.
  • Forum grading respects grade entry type as set in the Gradebook.
  • Show which topics contain unread messages.
  • Show full description of all forums and topics as default Sakai setting.
  • Improved searching capability.

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