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Example of Sakai Dropbox
The Drop Box tool allows instructors and students (or site maintainers and participants) to share documents within a private folder. Each student's folder can be accessed only by the instructor and that student.

Both the Drop Box and Assignments tool can be used to collect student work. Use Drop Box when you wish to have a private repository of documents and files between the student and instructor. The instructor view for the Drop Box is by student, with all submissions by each individual student shown together. Drop Box can also be useful for a private repository in a project worksite. Use Assignments when you wish to have structured assignments with assignment instructions, student submissions, and feedback/grading. The instructor view for Assignments is by assignment, with submissions for all students shown together for each assignment.

Help Documentation on Sakai Dropbox in Sakai-Training Site

Sakai Drop Box Changes Coming in Sakai 10

  • Instructor can send the same file to multiple students' drop boxes.
  • Instructor can see available space in Drop Box (quota).

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