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Sakai 10 background information

Sakai 10, previously known as Sakai 2.10, was released to the community in mid-2014. URI expects to upgrade to Sakai 10 in time for the Summer 2015 term, with testing by interested faculty during Spring 2015.

What's New in Sakai 10

    Overview of New Features with Screen Shots \

Link to Any Tool

  • A new "Link" icon in every tool. Clicking on it displays a URL that is a direct link to the tool. There is also a URL shortener to make sort URLs for sharing.

Sakai Announcements Tool

  • Announcements can be reordered.
  • Empty Open/Close Date values will not be displayed

Sakai Assignments Tool

  • Due date for an Assignment can be hidden.
  • Assignments can be submitted on behalf of a Group
  • Peer review feature added to Assignments Tool. Students can critique each others' writing.
  • Instructor can download all Assignments in a flat file structure instead of multiple download folders
  • Assignment Tool is Group-aware
  • Separate reminder message if an Assignment requires a single-file upload from students.
  • Assignment comments forwarded to Gradebook Tool
  • Send notice to students when settings change for resubmission

Sakai Chat Tool

  • Instructor can set optional start and end dates for chat rooms

Sakai Text Editor (CKEditor)

  • Editor upgraded to version 4.3.4
  • Audio recording widget added.
  • Plug-in added to provide word count.

Sakai Drop Box

  • Instructor can send the same file to multiple students' drop boxes.
  • Instructor can see available space in Drop Box (quota).

Sakai Forums Tool

  • Identify site members by role or ranked by number of postings.
  • Default start and end times for Forums can be set.
  • Option to import start and end dates for Forums.
  • Add ability to move a thread to a different topic.
  • Forum grading respects grade entry type as set in the Gradebook.
  • Show which topics contain unread messages.
  • Show full description of all forums and topics as default Sakai setting.
  • Improved searching capability.

Sakai Gradebook

  • Non-Latin characters now export correctly in a PDF export from Gradebook.
  • Gradebook grading log shows full date and time (helps pinpoint exactly when a grade was entered or changed).
  • Better format choices for exporting a Gradebook item.
  • Gradebook provides for extra credit.

Sakai Lessons Tool

  • Print functionality added
  • User playing a video triggers a recorded "event" in Sakai events table (affects Site Stats).
  • Lessons now employs the same copyright alerts as in Resources (user can specify copyright status of resources).
  • Fix for problems with ZIP uploads from Mac OS X.
  • Access to individual text blocks and multimedia items can be restricted (students must do pre-requisite actions before viewing).
  • Simple Question type added.

Sakai Messages Tool

  • Add sender's email address to message body.
  • Instructor may set messages to always send to recipients' email addresses.
  • Display sender's profile picture in received messages.

Sakai Resources Tool

  • Drag-and-drop files from user desktop to Sakai Resources.
  • Drag-and-drop folders to Resources with Chrome browser.
  • Resources Contents page can be printed.
  • Ability to hide a folder while allowing access to files inside it (folder hidden, but URL works for "publicly viewable" files).
  • Create new Web Content Tool links from items in Resources.
  • Add WebDAV instructions for Windows 8 users.

Sakai Syllabus Tool

  • Bulk update of Syllabus items
  • Table of contents style view for Syllabus
  • Bulk create Syllabus items by date
  • Add start and end dates to Syllabus and allow linking to Calendar
(note: most of these changes do not pertain to attached Syllabus files.)

Sakai Tests and Quizzes Tool

  • Accordion-style Settings page is easier to use.
  • Improved precision on numeric answers.
  • Improved file submission downloads.
  • Audio recording of quiz replies done in flash/html5 instead of java applet. This provides a more stable recording environment that is supported by all platforms.
  • Add "All or Nothing" option to multiple choice questions.
  • Allow receiver to "unshare" another instructor's question pool when it is no longer needed.
  • Edit random-draw questions in already-published assessments.

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