Sakai- Creating a Course Site without a Roster.

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This set of instructions is for Department Chairs or Administrators who need to create a course site for faculty, instructors, or per course instructors who do not yet have a URI ID.

  • Select "Worksite Setup" from the "My Workspace" tab
  • Select "New"
  • Select the academic term during which the course will be taught.
  • If you see no rosters, or do not see the roster you want, click on “Still cannot find your course/section”
  • On the next screen, fill in the boxes for Subject, Course and Section, such as “HIS” “350” “100.” Make your best guess regarding section number if you do not know it.
  • Under “Authorization to Allow Roster(s) Site Access,” fill in your own URI ID or the URI ID of your department chair. This must be an EMPLID (the URI ID card number). An email will be sent to whoever owns this URI ID, but that person is not required to take any action.
  • Under “Special Instructions,” make a note of who is creating this course and for whom it is intended.
  • Click on “Continue”
  • The normal site creation menus commence on the next screens. Choose the tools you wish to use and finalize creation of the site.

At this time the only site member/instructor is the department chair or administrator who has created the course site. Add the actual instructor under Site Info – Add Participants. In the second input box, enter the instructor’s non-URI email. Give the person Instructor Role and click “Send Email Now” on the screen that sends an announcement email to the new instructor.

The instructor will receive an email indicating that he or she is a member of the course site. The instructor’s Sakai login will be the full non-URI email, such as “” The password will be a number that is sent to the instructor in the email. No one else has access to this password.

If the instructor does not receive the password email, or forgets or loses the password later, it can be reset at any time from the Sakai login screen, by clicking on Password Issues and selecting “To reset your password, visit this link.”