Safe Connect/Troubleshooting/Firewall

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Allow Firewall

If after installing Safe Connect, you are prompted to allow scManager.sys or scClient.exe access to the internet, select allow. Not allowing Safe Connect to access the internet will cause the Safe Connect enforcer to think that you have not installed Safe Connect, and as a result, not allow you access to the internet.

Firewall Issues

Some antivirus programs have firewalls that can interfere with SafeConnect. If you have an antivirus other than the URI version of McAfee please make sure to add cManager.sys and scClient.exe to the safe list. If you are prompted to allow or block SafeConnect during installation click allow.

Symptoms of SafeConnect being blocked by a firewall include:

  • Being asked to install SafeConnect even though it is already installed.
  • Warning messages from your Antivirus program