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Locking Down Safari

1. Block Pop-Ups
Go to Safari > Block Pop-Up Windows.

2. Disable automatic file extraction.
Go to Safari > Preferences, and select the General tab. Uncheck "Open 'safe' files after downloading." Disabling this function protects you from virus-laden or malicious files opening automatically upon download.

3. Disable AutoFill.
Go to Safari > Preferences, and select the AutoFill tab. Uncheck all available options.

4. Enable Security Features.
Go to Safari > Preferences, and select the Security tab. Under "Accept Cookies", select "Never". Check "Ask before sending a non-secure form to a secure website."

More Information

Some software features that provide web browser functions, such as ActiveX, Java, Scripting (JavaScript, VBScript, etc), may also introduce vulnerabilities to your computer system. These vulnerabilities may occur because for a number of reasons from poorly designed code to an insecure configuration. Please visit the link below for more information.

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