SAS Bridge for ESRI

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SAS Bridge for ESRI

Installation Guidelines

Note: To install SAS Bridge on a machine with ArcGIS already installed, you must uninstall ArcGIS first.

Preliminary Setup

1. Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 re-distributable package.
2. Install ArcGIS 9.1 (Workstation and Desktop) with ArcGIS Desktop Developer Kit 9.1.
3. Install the Developer Kit. Install SAS 9.1.3.


1. Insert the SAS Client-Side Components Volume 3 disk. Select English then click OK.
2. Select SAS Bridge for ESRI in the left top corner. Scroll down and click the Install button.
3. Follow the steps to install SAS Bridge.


1. After installing SAS Bridge, start ArcMap to create the link between ArcGIS and SAS Bridge.
2. Select Extensions under the Tools menu. Select SAS Data Exporter Extension for ArcGIS 9.x
3. Restart your computer immediately.

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