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SAS Information

If you are looking for further information on SAS, please link to the URI SAS web page.


Mac Installation

You can install SAS on a Mac, but you need to either use BOOTCAMP or Parallels.

SAS Installation Tips

How do I get SAS Installed?

This is a free software offered to GRADUATE STUDENTS at University Computing Systems (UCS), located in the Surge Building at 210 Flagg Road. Christian Vye supervises the software distribution, Angela Darosh ( is the Graduate assistant.

You will need to submit a form located on the URI SAS web page.


Once we approve your request, within 2 business days, we will need you to bring in a signed copy of the form to 210 Flagg Rd., or you can fax the signed form to Christian Vye at 874-5479, or drop it into campus mail. You can then pick up the disks from the Library in the Reserves section.


Installation Requirements

You must have one of the following Window's platforms:

  • Windows Vista Ultimate, Business or Enterprise, X 64 for any of these is okay.
  • Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate. X64 is okay for any of these.

To check your system properties, you can do one of the following:

  • Windows 7 - click Start (Windows button), click Control Panel, choose System.
  • Windows Vista - click Start (Windows button), type System in the Start Search box, and then click System in the Programs list.
The operating system is displayed as under System Type under System as either 64-bit or 32-bit operating system.

Verify that you have a legitimate Windows platform. This means that you can successfully run updates and are a registered user.

Check for updates for your Java installation.

Check to see if you have the latest update at Java's website.

Verify that you have at least 8 GB of memory on your hard drive.

Verify that you are the administrator on an XP or Vista machine.

Antivirus Recommendations

Turn off while installing SAS.

  • Norton - just turn off.
  • McAfee - just turn off.
  • Avast - just turn off.
  • Kapersky - add SAS.exe to the exclusions list, open the main window application, click the settings link, click threats and exclusions in the options section, in the right part of the window click the SETTINGS button in the the Exclusions section, in the Trusted zone window go to the tab Exclusion masks, click the add link, in the exclusion rule window specify the rule's properties, exclude an object, click the select object link under rule description, in the object name window click the browse button and add the file for which you are creating the rule, select the necessary folder.

Common SAS Errors - Usage Problems

Sentinet Key Does Not Match

Have you specified your system qualifications correctly? If you are a first time user, then you will have to make sure that you have been approved by the UCS staff; if this is a renewal then you will need to check your system specifications.

Internet Server Error

If you selected "all" the products under SAS, then you will need to restart the SAS deployment wizard, and uncheck the products that require an internet or a server provider. Also, any applet products will have to be unchecked.

Server Error

Have you downloaded the correct SAS disks or borrowed the correst set? The 32-bit disk set can be installed on a 64-bit computer, but the 64-bit disks cannot be installed on a 32-bit computer.

Missing Products

I did not get all the products that I wanted from SAS.

You will need to reinstall and check off the additional products that you want.

ARC GIS is not offered through our office, but can be retrieved from the following site:

If you are not sure which additional products you need then check out this site:

Importing Excel Files

Printing Output

Use the following syntax: ods pdf file = 'C:\XXXXXXX.pdf'; to start, then

ods pdf close; to close

The name you want to give the file is XXX, but more specifically, the location you want the file to be saved to, is the C drive.

Calling Macros

SAS Insight

  • Will no longer be available after SAS 9.2.
  • Useful for graphing especially in regression for outliers and best fit models.
  • Not as easy to save as in regular SAS.

SAS Graphs

ODS graphics on:

SAS Transformations

Nuts and bolts to the SAS research question