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A rogue router is a wired or wireless router connected to the University Network when not explicitly authorized by Information Technology Services. When a rogue router is connected to the URI network, it poses a significant risk to security. Users who have poor wireless connectivity should not attempt to remedy the situation themselves by installing their own wireless router/access points; instead, they should contact the Help Desk to troubleshoot the issue.


  • Security Risk - Unlike the university network which requires authentication and compliance with minimum security requirements, rogue routers do not and as a result, could allow any virus-infected or otherwise malicious machine to join the network. Further, traffic on a rogue a wireless network (passwords, credit-card information, et cetera) is not secure.
  • Incorrect Configuration - Aside from breaching security, an incorrectly configured router can cause interruption in connectivity to computers on the same subnet. Most home routers provide built-in DHCP Servers; however, the university already provides a DHCP server on its network. When a second, unauthorized DHCP server joins the network, it is called a Rogue DHCP server. A rogue DHCP server will try to compete with the authoritative DHCP server for clients, and in doing so, will spread an incorrect configuration to the subnet. In September of 2005, a single rogue DHCP server took down internet services in an entire dorm.

IP Addressing

The following IP Address ranges are used on the URI networks. If you have an IP Address outside one of these ranges, you may be behind a rogue router. Wireless: 172.x.x.x ( - University wireless systems.
Wired: 131.128.x.x ( - University wired system.