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Public Address System (PA System)

Classroom Media Assistance has several PA Systems available for use by Instructors.
We currently have two PA Systems, one Pyle™, and one Fender™ and several Microphone/Amplifier kits.

Fender™ Portable Public Address System

Fender Passport Venue

This is an all-in-one system that folds apart to expose two separate speakers. This system comes with a settings base station, a wireless "lavaliere" microphone, and a handheld microphone.
Despite its small size, it is powerful enough to hear even in the largest URI auditorium. It is easy to store and hide, to conveniently have a presentation.

Pyle™ Portable Public Address System

Pyle Public Address System Cart

This rectangular PA system is light weight, wheeled, and loud.
It is loud enough to use in any auditorium in the University and provides crystal clear sound.
This system includes one base system accompanied by one hand held microphone.
This system also includes an auxiliary cable, making it able to play audio from devices with a headphone port.