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Please note, this utility is only included in 10.2, 10.3, and 10.4. On 10.6+, Apple has an integrated utility; go to File, then Print, and select "Add a Printer" under the printer list drop-down menu or go to System Preferences and select "Print & Fax".

Basics & Usage

1. Go to the Applications folder, Utilities folder, then double-click on Printer Setup Utility.
2. A list of installed printers will be displayed. To show information on a printer, highlight it and click the Show Info button.

Adding A Printer

1. Click the Add button at the top or select Printers, then Add Printer.
2. Select either the Default Browser (to view attached or Bonjour/Shared printers) or the IP Printer to specify a network printer.
3. Choose the printer to add, then click Add. Users may be asked for more information (such as tray settings) before finishing the setup.

Shared Printer Utility

1. To view details about a shared/networked printer, click the Utility button at the top or select Printers, then Configure Printer.
2. Use the webpage or printer software provided to alter settings or view the status of print jobs and ink levels.