Permission Numbers

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To access the permission numbers for a course you are instructing:

1. Log into e-Campus

2. Select Records and Enrollments in the Faculty Self Service area

3. Then select Term Processing

4. Then select Class Permission Numbers.

5. Enter the Term (click on magnifying glass for term). The term is a four digit code, with the first three numbers indicating the year (208 is 2008) and the last number represents the first month of that term (e.g., 9 for September, 2 for January, 5 for May).

6. Enter the Subject (ex: MTH)

7. Enter the Catalog number (ex: 141)

8. Then click the SEARCH button

When your class appears below, click on the course and you will generate the list of permission numbers

You can print this list through the browser's File menu, selecting print. Some browsers have the
option to "Print Current Frame" and this is what you want. If you don't see that, just
use the print option.