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Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networking is designed for users to distribute and acquire data through other users using certain programs (listed below). When installed, these programs (by default) are set up to share all files on your computer - Public and Private - And could compromise your personal security. Most commonly used for downloading music and movies illegally, Peer to Peer programs are prohibited by the university. Please see our Digital Millennium Copyright Act page for more information on DMCA violations and P2P at the University of Rhode Island.

Peer to Peer Programs

Peer to Peer or p2p programs, are programs used to share digital media throughout networks.

several example p2p programs include:

  1. Limewire
  2. Frostwire
  3. Bearshare
  4. Bearshare Light
  5. Bit Lord
  6. Bit Torrent
  7. U Torrent


Gnutella and ares (two popular peer to peer networks) are blocked & bandwidth is extremely limited. P2P is discouraged on URI's network as it is often a good way to get a virus. Although some P2P applications can be used on the wired network, it is strongly discouraged


P2P applications require a large amount of network resources and interfere with bandwidth usage. Users using p2p software on the wireless network will be blocked until these programs are disabled.

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