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Mobile Print Service

Mobile Print Service gives you the ability to send a document via email to the Pay for Print server. You can send the email from any device (smart phone, tablet, laptop) without having to install any printer drivers. You can print all of the most common file formats, including Acrobat Reader files (.pdf), Microsoft Office documents (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx), pictures (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .png), text files (.txt, .rtf, .csv) and web pages (.htm, .html).

Please Note: Mobile Print is limited to Black and White / Single Sided printing only.


Step A – Registration (this process only needs to be done once):

  • Address an email to
  • In the Subject area type Register
    • You don’t need anything in the body of the message
  • Send the email
  • In under one minute, you’ll get a response that looks like the following:


Step B - Click on the link at the bottom of the message to go to the Mobile Print website

  • If you receive a warning about the security certificate on the Mobile Print website, press the Continue link
  • The Mobile Print website will look like the following:



  • Your Logon ID is either your 9-digit URI ID Number (if you plan to use a Ram Account to print your documents) or it is your 9-character Guest Pass ID
  • If you are using a Ram Account, leave the Password field blank
  • If you are using a Guest Pass ID, please enter the PIN number as the Password
  • Click the Log on button
  • You will see the Pharos Web Release page as follows:


Step D - The email address that you would like to associate with your printing account will automatically be entered in the Registered Email Addresses section

  • You may enter up to 20 additional email addresses
  • Click on the + at the right edge of that email address
  • You will see that a confirmation email will be sent to that address
  • When you have finished entering the email addresses, click the Log Off link

Step E - You will now receive a second email from Mobile Print server which will look like the following:


  • Click on the link to confirm your email address (one email is sent to each account if you are registering multiple email addresses)
  • Once you confirm your email address, you will be registered.


  • Send an email to
  • The subject line and the body of the email message can be anything you want
  • Attach the document(s) that you wish to print (you can add up to 10 attachments per email message)
  • Press Send
  • You can now go to any printer location and release your print job

Printer Locations

Kingston Campus

  • University Library:
    • Lower Level Hallway
    • LL4 Computer Lab
    • Learning Commons
    • 24-Hour Study Room
    • Second Floor
  • Memorial Union:
    • Second Floor Lounge
    • Third Floor Computer Lab
  • Ballentine Hall:
    • Computer Lab - Room 240
  • Fine Arts Building:
    • Computer Lab - Room F102
  • Hope Commons:
    • Corner Store
  • Quinn Hall:
    • Computer Lab - Room 215
  • Swan Hall:
    • Language Lab - Room 301
  • Woodward Hall:
    • Computer Lab - Room 6

Providence Campus

  • University Library (Ground Floor)
  • Computer Lab - Room 301
  • Multimedia Lab - Room 326

Getting Help

If you have any problems during this setup or just have general questions about the Pay For Print System, you can go to the Classroom Media Desk in the Carothers Library LL4 Computer Lab or call 401-874-4278.

Please feel free to send an email to and we will respond as quickly as we can.

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