Overhead Projectors

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Overhead Projector

General Use

To use an overhead projector:
1. Plug in the projector.
2. Select which bulb you wish to use (1 or 2).
3. Press the power on button.

The projector should now be illuminated and the fan should be running. Place your transparency on the projector and adjust the top mirror as necessary to get a clear image.

Bulb Switch

There are two bulbs in each overhead projector. To switch between either, simply turn the projector off, then slide the designated lever (located on the front side) left or right. If the projector is left running while the switch is made, the risk of blowing a bulb is eminent.

Bulb Replacement

1. Be sure to unplug the projector from any outlet. Wait until it has been off for at least 5 minutes.
2. Unscrew the small flathead screw located on the front side of the projector.
3. Lift up the top half of the casing, and carefully unplug the broken bulb.
4. Insert a new bulb and replace the casing. Replace the screw.

Note: Be sure to plug the projector in before testing the new bulb(s).

Signs of a Broken Bulb

  • Cracked reflector casing.
  • Black burn marks on the casing or bulb.
  • Disconnected filament inside, makes a soft noise when rattled.