Optical Mark Reader (OMR) Data Processing

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ITS offers Optical Mark Reader (OMR) services using an NCS OpScan 10 Model 55 scanner.

  • The standard form supported records 240 single-character answers and 45 characters of demographic data.
  • The Optical Mark Reader (OMR) Data Processing Web page explains the steps for obtaining OMR services, the format of captured data, requesting automatic exam grading, and optional follow-up data analysis.
  • All OMR forms and sheets are free; however, there is a $0.10 processing charge per OMR scanner sheet and a $5.00 minimum charge for use of the OMR.
    • Please note: Re-runs are subject to the same charges.
  • Turnaround time for processing scanned documents or exams is 24 hours; processing is done Monday through Friday; if weekend processing is required, arrangements must be made ahead of time with the Operations staff in the Tyler Hall lobby.

  • Before obtaining OMR services, you need:
  1. Blank OMR scanner sheets, which can be picked up at the Dispatch Counter in the lobby of Tyler Hall.
  2. Optical Mark Reader (OMR) Services Request. If your method of payment is through a departmental account, the account number must be entered on this form.