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This article is for experienced users ONLY. Do not attempt the following if you are unfamiliar with the material. If in doubt, please contact the Help Desk at 874-HELP.

This document explains how to password-protect a folder on an OS X server such that web users are prompted to enter a username and password before accessing the folder.

Password Protecting Files

1. Launch a terminal window.
2. Type: cd /private/etc/httpd
3. Type: sudo pico httpd.conf

Look for the following line,

 AllowOverride None

Edit this line to be,

 AllowOverride All

4. Save the httpd.conf file (ctrl+x).
5. Type: sudo htpassword -c .htpasswd username
6. You will be prompted to enter a username and a password. These are what web users will need to access the folder.
7. Type: cd /Library/WebServer/Document/AreaYouWishToSecure
8. Type: sudo pico .htaccess

Paste the following into the file,

 AuthUserFile /private/etc/httpd/.htpasswd
 AuthGroupFile /dev/null
 AuthName "Members Only"
 AuthType Basic
 <Limit GET POST>
 require valid-user

Save this file (ctrl+x). Now restart Apache (or restart the server).