MultiFunction Printer

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Instructions for Scanning and Emailing a Document


• Place your paper either in the document feeder of the printer OR lift up the feeder to place the document directly on the platen glass.
• Tap the EMAIL button on the control panel.


• You will now be prompted to swipe your URI ID (if you have a Ram Account), or to enter your Temporary Account number using the keyboard.
• Once your account is validated, you will be prompted for the email address that you want to receive the PDF scanned document.


• Tap the “To:” field, then enter the email address using the keyboard. You can also enter a Subject field in the same manner.
• Press the green START button on the far right edge of the printer. Your document will be scanned, and then emailed to that address.
• You will then be asked if you want to stay logged in (in case you want to scan more pages).

Please note:
You will receive a single PDF file for each page scanned.
Each scanned page will cost ten (10) cents.


1. Facing the multifunction printer, lift the top tray, or photocopying bed (above the touch screen area).
2. Place the sheet of paper you wish to copy face down in the photocopying bed.
3. Then on the touch screen itself, select Copy.
4. If you have funds ready on your ID card Ram Account, then swipe your card at this time. If, instead, you have a Guest Pass from the kiosk by Circulation, then select the Keyboard option. Enter your temporary ID, followed by the password. From here, the process works the same as regular printing.