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The Modules tool provides an organized structure for presenting resources. Each module can represent a unit, chapter, theme, or other main section of the material. Within each module are content sections of pertinent files, and url's. Participants navigate through the modules and content sections in a structured manner as dictated by the instructor. Note: The Modules tool is still being used for textbook publisher-provided material

Adding Modules and Content Sections to a Worksite

  • Click Modules in the left menu bar. You will see the Author view which allows you to add and edit your modules. To see the Modules as a student would view them, click View below the title bar. Click Author to resume editing.
  • To create a module click Add Module
    • Add the title and description in the appropriate text boxes. Add keywords which will be stored as metadata for the module.
    • Select a start and end date for the module.
    • Chose the Copyright status for the module.
    • Click Add to create the module.
  • To create content for a modules list check the box next to the module that you want to add content for and then click Add Content above the module listing.
    • Add the title of and instructions for your content section. Chose the type of content (visual, textual, auditory) that will be stored as metadata for the content section.
    • Select how you wish to create the content. You can use the editor in Sakai, upload a document from your computer, or link to an existing website.
    • Click Add to create the content section.
    • You will see a notice confirming the creation of a content section. From here, you can view the section you just created, add more content sections to the same module, or return to the modules listing to edit or create more modules
  • You can nest content sections to create subsections. In this way, you can have many layers of structures to your modules.
    • From the right main module list, check the box next to the content section you would like to nest. Click the Right button above the module list to indent the section once to the right. You can create up to ten levels.
    • To move a content section the left, check the box next to the content section and click the Left button.
  • To update a content section module click the name of the content sections you wish to edit. Make changes or click the Replace button to upload a newer version of your file and click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Export/Import Modules

  • You can export your modules to upload to another location or import modules from your computer that you have previously created.
    • To do this, click Manage below the title bar.
    • Click Import/Export.
    • Click Export to export your modules. A file will be saved to your computer.
    • To import, click Browse and find the file you wish to use, select the file, and click Import.

Managing and Organizing Modules

  • The modules tool offers some easy ways to update and maintain the organization of your modules and to help students work within the structure you set.
  • You can reorder entire modules or content sections within modules after they are created. NOTE:You can only reorder content sections form within a single module. You cannot move content sections from one module to another.
    • To manage modules click Manage below the title bar.
    • Click Sort
    • To sort entire modules, select the module you wish to change in the right box and use the arrows on the right to move the module to the desired location.
    • Click Save below the right box to save your changes.
    • To sort content sections, click Sort Selections above the Current Sequence box.
    • To move a nested content section so it is nested under another content section, first move the section to the left so it is no longer nested. Then reorder the section so it is under the section you wish to nest it in, and indent it to the right.
    • Select the module that contains the content sections you wish to reorder from the drop-down box. Select the content section you wish to change in the right box and use the arrows on the right to move the content section to the desired location
    • Click Save below the right box to save your changes.
  • You can give students easily accessible instructions for what to do when finishing a module.
    • From the module list, click the icon under the Next Steps column from the module.
    • Enter the instructions in the text box.
    • Click Add. Your instructions will now appear at the end of the content section listing for that module.
    • After adding instructions, the icon to change instructions will change from a plus sign to a magnifying glass with a green arrow.

More Documentation

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