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We seek to improve the URI student experience by providing excellence in tech support to members of the URI community.


To facilitate teaching and learning at URI, will improve technical customer support by fostering continual opportunities for professional growth in our student and full-time staff.

The Help Desk Equation

Excellence = Prompt attention + Effective communication + Respectful interaction

As part of the Help Desk Organization, we believe ...

  • Customers can follow directions if we are clear and polite.
  • Students can provide professional helpdesk consultations.
  • More knowledgeable Help Desk Employees can foster/mentor/coach other employees.
  • The Help Desk teaching and learning experience is part of the student consultant's overall educational experience.
  • The Help Desk Staff provides guidance, resources, and integration with other units to empower student consultants.

To perform our mission, we will foster ...

  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Resourcefulness
  • Synergy among co-workers
  • Internal and external education
  • Clear and direct communication
  • Respectful and supportive interactions
  • The Role of each individual as part of the group effort.