McAfee VirusScan Removal

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These instructions show how to remove McAfee VirusScan from Windows XP. The method for removal from Windows Vista and 7 are similar.

Removal Instructions

  • Click the Start button.
  • Select Control Panel, sometimes under Settings.


  • Locate and double click the Add or Remove Programs icon.


  • Look for McAfee VirusScan Enterprise in the list of applications, and select it.
  • Click the Remove button on the right-hand side of the selection.


  • Repeat the Process for the Antispyware Module,


  • Follow the uninstaller dialogues until completed.
  • For the Agent, click Start and then Run.
  • Type exactly "C:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\FrmInst.exe" /forceuninstall and select OK.
  • For 64 bit machines: "C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework\FrmInst.exe" /forceuninstall
  • Restart your computer.