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Featured Article: Sakai

The Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment is a web-based application that supports teaching, learning and scholarly collaboration with a number of publishing tools. Sakai will allow faculty to supplement their face-to-face teaching, while online courses will utilize the application to teach courses completely on-line with minimal or no face-to-face meeting.

Sakai Pages: Sakai | Student Sakai | Faculty Sakai

Sakai Login

At the login prompt, enter your e-Campus username and Sakai/Wireless password (generally not your e-Campus password). If you still have trouble logging in, please contact the Help Desk at 874-HELP for assistance.

Sakai Courses

At the start of each semester, courses and course rosters are pulled from e-Campus and placed in Sakai as data. Faculty must then log in and create a "Course Site". During the creation process, faculty can specify the appropriate course and section. This will automatically add the roster for that section to the Sakai site. Note that faculty can choose to combine rosters from multiple sections of a course into a single Sakai site. If there are any problems with adding rosters, please have the chair of the department contact Enrollment Services.

Project Sites

Faculty and Staff may also create a "Project Site" whose participants must be managed by the owner/maintainer. e-Campus usernames and/or email addresses can be individually added to a site. Whereas a Course Site designates users as "Instructor", "Teaching Assistant", or "Student", a Project Site designates users only as "Maintainer" (owner) or "Access" (participant).

Sakai Tips & Hints

Pasting from Word

When pasting from Microsoft Word, use the Paste from Word option in the rich text editor to avoid junk characters. If the result is still not desirable, try Paste as Text.

Forum Posting

Posting wide images or long strings of text may require some users to scroll left and right to view the content. To avoid this, paste images in a Word document and attach it to the forum posting. Use services like Tinyurl for long links.