Lowel Tota Light Kit

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Item Name: Lowel Tota Light Kit (3 Total Light Kits)

Contents of kit:

  • 3 Lowel Tota Lights – Barn Doors, Mesh Screen, Bulbs
  • 3 Electrical cords (One per Light)

Lowel Tota/softlight Lampak – Holds replacement bulbs

  • 3 Lowel Omni stands
  • 3 Silver Tota-brellas and plastic sleeves
  • Black hard carrying case with strap
  • Replacement bulbs (check to see if those need replacements – there should be at least 3 bulbs in the lowel omni lampak at all times)

When changing bulbs, do not touch the glass with your bare fingers. Use a tissue or handkerchief. Skin oil on glass will focus heat unevenly and cause premature lamp failure