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This article covers the iPod and iPod Touch. You can see more information on the iPhone by clicking here. Setting up URI_Secure is the same on the iPhone and iPad as it is on the iPod Touch.

Connecting Your iPod Touch to the URI Wireless Network

You can connect your iPod Touch to Academic_Wireless, URI_Wireless, URI_Open or URI_Secure. As Academic_Wireless and URI_Wireless will be removed it is highly recommended that you set up your iPod Touch to connect to URI_Secure.

URI_Open or URI_Secure

URI_Open should only be used by those needing guest access. To connect to URI_Open follow steps 1-3 below.
To connect to URI_Secure please follow all directions listed below:

1. Go to settings and select "Wifi."
2. Turn Wifi on, and check that the "Ask to Join Networks" tab is OFF.
3. Under "Choose a Network..." Select URI_Open.
4. On the lock page click the option that applies to you: "I am a Student", "I work at URI" and "I am a Guest"

  • Note: If the lock page does not appear when you connect to URI_Open, then go Safari and trying going to a website. (This should bring up the lock page).

5. You will prompted to enter you eCampus username and @mail.uri.edu or @my.uri.edu password and click Continue.
6. Click Install on the Install Profile Page.
7. Click Install Now when the Root Certificate Box pops up.
8. If prompted for your passcode, enter it.
9. Click Done on the Profile Installed page.
NOTE: You may need to go back to Wifi Networks and connect to the URI_Secure network manually. You should only need to do this once.

Using an iPod as External Storage

1. Connect iPod to your computer.
2. Open iTunes if it doesn't automatically open.
3. Select the iPod icon in the Source pane.
4. Click the Summary tab.
5. (For most iPod models except iPod shuffle) Select "Enable disk use" or "Manually manage songs and playlists". Either one will allow you to use iPod as a drive. If you select "Manually manage songs and playlists", iTunes won't automatically update iPod with the iTunes library. If you want iTunes to automatically update your iPod, select "Enable disk use" instead.
6. The iPod disk icon appears on the desktop and in Finder windows, and in My Computer/Computer in Windows. Double-click the icon and drag files to or from iPod's window to copy them.

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