IChat: Recording conversations

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Some courses may require the use of iChat to record a conversation or interview for submission

Recording the Conversation

  1. Make the call. Click the green phone next to your partner’s computer number.
  2. Partner: Accept the call.
  3. Begin the recording by clicking “Video” and “Record Chat.”
  4. Partner: Accept the recording.
  5. When you’re done recording, click “Video” and “Stop Recording.”
  6. To access your file, end the conversation by closing the window (click the red dot).
  7. Your file will be saved either to the iChats folder in the Documents folder or on the desktop. It will automatically begin playing back on iTunes.

Renaming the File

  • Be sure to rename the file. Your professor may not listen to the file unless your name is in the title.
  1. Click on the file. Click on the name of the file.
  2. Enter your names in the required format.
  3. Email your file as an attachment or submit to Sakai as required.

More detailed information (with images) is available as a pdf.