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Epson Perfection V370 Photo

Getting Started

Epson Perfection V370 Photo

Check to see that the computer connected to the scanner is turned on. Then, check to see that the scanner is turned on. If it is on, the green light above the power button will be lit. If it is not on, press the power button (green logo button on the bottom right).

Scanning the Image/Document

Our lab facility in the lower level of the Library (LL4) has two scanners for student and faculty use. Due to the large volume of patron traffic the lab encounters on a daily basis, we ask that you PLEASE remember to take your documents out of the scanner before you leave when you are finished scanning. This is particularly important if you are scanning personal documents such as a driver's license or Social Security card. The lab monitors will do their best to collect left-behind items for safe-keeping behind the desk, but cannot guarantee that anything you leave in the lab will still be there when you return.

On the desktop of the computer, you will see an icon labeled "Scan to PDF" and another called "Scan to JPG". Place your document face-down in the scanner, and close the top down over it. Click on the the icon which depicts what you would like your document to be converted to, and when it opens, select "Scan." Another screen will appear with the resolution and default settings. If you know that you need your settings to be something other than the default, make your changes as necessary, and then select "Scan" once again.

You will see a light move from left to right coming from underneath the top lid of the scanner. Do not open the scanner or move your document until you see this light stop moving. When the scan is complete, a prompt will appear on the desktop asking whether you have more pages to scan. If you do need to add pages, select this option and remove your previous sheet from the scanner before placing the next one face-down. Then repeat the scanning process as you did with your first pages. If you do not need to add pages, then choose the "Done" option, remove your document, and wait for a preview of your document to appear on the desktop via the HP Solution Center. From here, you can make changes to your document as needed.

When you are satisfied with any edits or changes you have made, you can save your document to the computer and then email it to yourself, or print it directly in the lab.
NOTE: Saving the document to the lab computer is a TEMPORARY save function. Any files saved on the physical computer will be REMOVED when the computer shuts down or restarts. This usually happens at least once a day, so if you save to the computer, make sure you save it somewhere else as well.

Saving The Image/Document

To save the document, click on the "save as..." image under step 5.
If you wish to only save a small excerpt from the page, select "Let me make a selection area" This will allow you to select the area you wish using the mouse cursor. Once you have selected the area, reclick "save as.."
If you want the whole page, select "Scan the entire glass"

Once this is done it will bring up a box for you to choose where to save the image, as well as the name and image type you wish to save it is. The default type selected is as a bitmap image (.bmp), but by using the drop down menu you can select a number of other file types, including as a PDF file.

The scanner will rescan the document and save it as directed, it will then come up with a box asking "scan another page into the current document" If the document is multi pages, put the second page into the scanner and select scan, it will immediately begin scanning. Otherwise, select 'Done'