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Equipment Available for Film Studies Student Checkout

All equipment listed is available on the Kingston Campus. Equipment check-out is completed at the Language Learning Resource Center, located in Swan Hall, Room 301. Hours of operation are as follows:

During Fall and Spring Semesters:
Mon.-Thurs. 8am-9pm
Fri. 8am-4pm
Sun. 3pm-6pm

During Reading Days and Finals:
Mon.-Fri. 10am-3pm

During Summer, Winter, Spring Breaks:
Mon.-Fri. 10am-3pm

See the LLRC office for specific details regarding holiday hours.

Equipment Loans

The Equipment listed can be loaned from the LLRC in Swan Hall, Room 301. All equipment check-outs are made for a period of three days or less.

To rent equipment, students must show a valid URI student ID. Names and URI ID numbers are matched against our computer records. If a name/number does not match what is in our system, equipment will not be issued.

A summary of equipment available to all URI students is listed on this page. There are also cameras and other equipment available to the general student population of URI and the Harrington School of Communication, as well as equipment available to students in Communication Studies courses.

Renewing a Reservation

If at the end of the rental period, a student has not finished his/her work that requires this equipment, the student may renew the reservation if all the following conditions are met:

  1. The equipment is returned to the LLRC before it is due (renewals cannot be made over the phone).
  2. There are no conflicting reservations on the equipment for the extended period being requested or there are no names on the waiting list for that equipment.
  3. The student borrowing the equipment does not have a hold placed against them in the rental system for previous late returns.
Harrington Hub Rules and Late Policies
  • Student is responsible for checking to make sure the equipment is in working condition and there are no parts or pieces missing from what they check out before signing the check out form.
  • The loan period for most gear is three days and the student must return the equipment by the time specified on checkout. After this, the equipment is considered late.
  • The student who signs out the equipment must be the person who returns the equipment.
  • When returning the gear, students will be required to wait while the CMA staff member checks the equipment for damage or missing parts. Student cannot leave the Hub until the equipment is checked.
  • If the student breaks a piece of equipment, they must alert the staff member and they will need to pay the repair fee. The student will not be able to check out any more equipment until the repair cost is paid and their course grade will be held.
  • Students are advised that they will not be able to check equipment out from the LLRC during the break period between classes everyday from 8:45am to 3:30pm.
  • Students are advised to reserve the equipment they need at least 24hrs ahead of time to avoid conflicts, speed-up the checking out process and assure the availability of the desired equipment.
  • If the student returns equipment late, their instructor will be notified, and the following penalties will apply:
 After 3pm return - 1 day late = no rentals for the week,
2 days late = no rentals for 2 weeks,
3 days late = no rentals for the month,
More than 3 days late, or two late returns of 1 day or more in a semester = no rentals for the rest of the semester.
  • After 3 days of the equipment not being returned after the due date, the student will be responsible for replacement cost for the loaned equipment. A formal letter will be sent to the student’s home address, the police will be notified, and their grade will be held until the situation is resolved.
Broken Equipment or Equipment That is Missing Parts

Students are required to return equipment with all its parts in good-working order. Any equipment that is returned broken or damaged may be billed to the student by the Information Technology Services. All students should check that the equipment inventory is complete before leaving the Library and that the equipment is in good working order.

The LLRC is not responsible for any personal belongings or media left with the equipment. It is important to make sure you have removed any media (tapes or personal hard drives) from the equipment before it is returned. If the equipment is subsequently checked out to another student, any media may be inadvertently erased.