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Equipment Available for Faculty and Staff of the URI Kingston Campus Checkout

All equipment listed is available on the Kingston Campus. Equipment check-out is completed at Classroom Media Assistance, located in the large computing lab on the lower level of the Carothers Library (LL4). Hours of operation are listed on the CMA home page.

Equipment Menus

For a PDF file of the Equipment Available and to also see the Late Policy as posted, use the link:

CMA Faculty & Staff Equipment Menu

Equipment Available
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Equipment Loans

The Equipment listed can be borrowed from Classroom Media Assistance (CMA) located in the large computer lab (LL4) on the lower level of the Robert Carothers Library on the Kingston campus.
All equipment check-outs are made for a period of three days or fewer.

To rent equipment, patrons must show a valid URI ID. Names and URI ID numbers are matched against our computer records. If a name/number does not match what is in our system, equipment will not be issued.

A summary of equipment available for special loans and permissions is listed on this page.
There are also special loans only available to Faculty and Staff through the Faculty and Staff Special Loans Inventory.

Renewing a Reservation

If at the end of the rental period, a patron has not finished his/her work that requires this equipment, the patron may renew the reservation if all the following conditions are met:

  1. The equipment is returned to CMA before it is due (renewals cannot be made over the phone).
  2. There are no conflicting reservations on the equipment for the extended period being requested or there are no names on the waiting list for that equipment.
Late Return Policy

Please see the article on CMA's Service Level Agreement.

It is important to get the equipment back on time because other faculty or staff members may have reservations and need the equipment. The following policy applies for ALL patrons borrowing the special loans equipment whom rent equipment from Classroom Media Assistance:
Although a police policy cannot be enforced for faculty and staff members at this time, if equipment rented from Classroom Media Assistance is not returned later than 7 days by a faculty or staff member of the URI Kingston campus, Department Heads will be contacted to resolve the issue and return the much needed inventory.

Failure to return equipment impacts future reservations made by other individuals. We request that equipment is returned on time to accommodate other users

  • In the case of repeated abuse of equipment returns by faculty or staff members, the department chair will be contacted if the instructor fails to return equipment more than twice in a semester. If failure to return equipment results in its loss through negligence, that instructor will lose privileges for the remainder of the semester.
  • Student penalties for late returns are covered in the articles about those types of equipment. See Film Studies Equipment Inventory, Communication Studies Equipment and CMA Student Equipment articles.
Broken Equipment or Equipment That is Missing Parts

CMA is not responsible for any personal belongings or media left with the equipment. It is important to make sure you have removed any media (tapes or personal hard drives) from the equipment before it is returned. If the equipment is subsequently checked out to another patron, any media may be inadvertently erased.

Equipment Inventory


CMA Item Manufacturer Model Remarks
Wireless Presenter
Wireless Presenter and Laser Kensington Wireless Presenter and Laser 5 units available. 1 month loan
Turning Point Receiver‎‎
Turning Point Receiver Turning Point Semester Loan
Wireless Keyboard
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse IO Gear GKM551R Semester Loan. For use in Digital Media Classrooms.

Document Camera

CMA Item Manufacturer Model Remarks
Epson Doc Cam‎
Doc Cam Epson ELPDC10S Available for Semester Loan, for classroom use.

DVD and VHS Players

CMA Item Manufacturer Model Remarks
JVC Combo‎‎
JVC Combo DVD & VHS JVC HR-VP58U Video Cables included. Semester Loan.
JVC Mini DV JVC SR-DVM600USB Video Cables included. Semester Loan.
Pan Combo‎‎
Pan Combo Panasonic A320 Video Cables included. Semester Loan.
Sony DVD
Sony DVD Player Sony DVP-NS725P Video Cables included. Semester Loan.


CMA Item Manufacturer Model Remarks
Black Box‎‎
Optimus Black Box Radio Shack MPS-45 10-watt Amplifier and Microphone. Accomodates groups up to 50 people.
AKG PA System
Wireless PA System AKG William Sound System Public Address System wiki article.
UClub Wireless PA Kit
UClub Receiver Kit Sennheiser EW122G2 Lavaliere and Handheld. Receiver and Mic
Sony CD Player
Sony CD Player Sony CFD-ZW55 Boombox with cassette and CD player.
Portable Speakers
Portable Speakers Radio Shack MSP45 10W spkr Audio jack included. Semester loan available.


CMA Item Manufacturer Model Remarks
Dell Latitude
Dell Latitude Laptop Dell Windows 7, MS Office, TurningPoint, Classroom Response Software, Sold-State Drive. 5 units available. Daily Loan Only.
Macbook Pro‎‎
Macbook Pro Apple Mac OS X, MS Office, TurningPoint, Classroom Response Software, Solid-State Drive. 2 Units Available. Daily Loan Only
Macbook Pro w/ Video Capture
Macbook Pro w/ Video Capture [Video Capture]. Apple Video Capture, Mac OS X, MS Office, TurningPoint, Classroom Response Software, Solid-State Drive. 2 Units Available. 1 Month Loan. *for proof of concept only