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This article contains some frequently asked questions about URI and HelpDesk services. For help, please call the URI HelpDesk at (401)874-HELP


1. What is my e-Campus User ID?
Your e-Campus User ID can be retrieved from the Welcome to e-Campus page. Click "Forgot your UserID?" under e-Campus Tools on the left side of the page.

User IDs are typically a name and are different from the 9-digit URI ID number.

2. What do I do if I forgot my password?
From the e-Campus login page choose Forgot Password. Enter your userID and then answer the security question. A new randomly generated password will be emailed to the Email ID listed on the page. If you are redirected to 'Forgot My Password' page asking for your User ID again, you have responded correctly to the question and should click Sign out in the upper-right and check your email in another tab for a message from e-Campus containing your new password. If there is more than one email from e-Cmapus, the most recent message has the current password.

For detailed information on e-Campus please go to e-Campus Wiki Page


1. What is Sakai?
Sakai is course management software designed to help instructors, researchers, and students create websites for collaboration. They are often used for both online courses and classroom courses and staff/faculty projects. Sakai can be found at http://sakai.uri.edu

2. How do I log in to Sakai?
You log into Sakai by going to http://sakai.uri.edu and then using either your 9 digit URI ID number or e-Campus username for the 'user id' field and your uri.edu or my.uri.edu account password.

For detailed information on Sakai, please go to the Sakai wiki article.


1. What do I use to log into URI_Secure?
When prompted for credentials by either the Cloudpath XpressConnect Network Wizard Loader or Secure Profile Installer acquired from URI_Open, enter your e-Campus username and the password for your uri.edu or my.uri.edu email account.

2. What is SafeConnect? Safe Connect is currently used by URI Information Technology Services to register computers on the URI Network. It employs a tool to verify that your computer meets the URI network minimum security requirements, keeping the network secure. The benefits of the Safe Connect solution include optimizations in the distribution of security software, enhanced support from networking staff, decreased response time to user concerns, quality of service and network availability, and enhanced security for both users and the network.

For detailed information on Network problems please go to Troubleshooting Campus Internet Connections.