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Equipment Available for Student Checkout
Who can Return Equipment Where to Return Equipment

The student, faculty, or staff member that originally loaned equipment, must return the same equipment to the same location before it is due in the system. Any late returns must abide the late policy.

Equipment checked from the main CMA office in the Lower Level of the Library in LL4 (the Computer Lab) must be returned at the same location.

Equipment checked out from the Chafee CMA site (217 Chafee) should be returned there.

Late Return Policy

Please see the article on CMA's Service Level Agreement.

It is important to get the equipment back on time because other students may have reservations and need the equipment. The following policy applies for ALL students, faculty and staff whom rent equipment from Classroom Media Assistance:

  • One Day Late: no rentals for a week
  • Two Days Late: no rentals for 2 weeks
  • Three Days Late: no rentals for a month
  • Four Days Late OR Two Late Returns: no rentals for the remainder of the semester
  • Seven Days Late: Campus Police will contact the student to request equipment. If it is not returned, Student Affairs will then put a hold on the student account until the equipment is either returned in good-working order OR the current value of that equipment is remitted.

Failure to return equipment impacts future reservations made by other individuals. We request that equipment is returned on time to accommodate other users

  • Repeated abuse of equipment returns will result in loss of equipment privileges.
  • In the case of faculty, the department chair will be contacted if the instructor fails to return equipment more than twice in a semester. Failure to return equipment results in its loss through negligence, that instructor will lose privileges for the remainder of the semester.
  • Student penalties for late returns are covered in the articles about those types of equipment. See Film Studies Equipment Inventory, Communication Studies Equipment and CMA Student Equipment articles.

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