Equipment Reservations

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How to Request Equipment

Classroom Media Assistance loans equipment to both faculty/staff and students.
Faculty/staff equipment is available from Chafee 217, Swan 301, Quinn 215/217 and the lower level of the Carothers Library (LL4).
Faculty and staff can request an equipment reservation by:

  • Visiting CMA's main office in the Lower Level of the Library in LL4 (the Computer Lab) and fill out an Equipment Reservation Sheet.
  • Calling 874-4278, and make a reservation over the phone

All student equipment is checked in and out through Swan 301 (Language Learning Resource Center) only. Student reservations, pick-ups and returns are all done in Swan 301. Phone reservations are not accepted.

Faculty Service Level Agreements and Policies
Please see CMA's Service Level Agreements

The following are notes about the service level agreement regarding request of equipment:

    1. Equipment Reservation Requests will be processed in the order they are received. Equipment loans are SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY.
    2. If the requester has never used the requested equipment, they should book a Training one business day in advance of equipment request.
    3. CMA requires a minimum 24-hour lead-time for reservation requests to guarantee our advertised 15-minute pick up. Exceptions include any time when the instructor requires training or assistance, or during peak business periods (such as the beginning of the semester when the CMA Center may be deluged with requests for training).
    4. If reservation is made in person at the Lower Level of the Library in LL4 (the Computer Lab) using the Equipment Reservation paper form, the request can be accommodated within a half-hour , if the requester has recently been trained on the requested equipment and the equipment is available.