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What is email abuse?

Email abuse is the use of the University email system for anything that it is not meant to be used for.

Information Technology Services provides and monitors, which does not apply to SPAM, which is unsolicited, usually commercial, bulk email sent randomly to hundreds or thousands of email addresses. Although the content of some SPAM mail could be considered offensive and receiving endless unwanted messages is annoying, SPAM does not target any one individual or pose any threat. Do not report SPAM to; see Spam Abuse

Reporting Abuse

Report email abuse within 24 hours so we can consult our email system log to determine the origin of the email and look for any information that may identify the perpetrator. Submit a copy of the abusive email to us electronically and make sure that all email headers are included. This is essential for identification.

Imminent Threats to you or Your Property
Immediately contact the URI Campus Police at 874-2121 if you are on campus, or the local police department if you are elsewhere. Send notification to within 24hours, along with a copy of the abusive email and all its headers. You can go here for more information.

For Harassing Email
Send notification to within 24 hours, along with a copy of the abusive email and all its headers. If the email originated from within the University, we will contact the offender. If the email originated from outside of the University, we will contact the site of origin. To break the cycle of repeat incidents, it will be necessary for us to take your compromised email account offline temporarily until you can change your password.

Abuse Addresses

URI Abuse Address

AOL Abuse Center

Gmail Abuse Address

Yahoo Abuse Center

Cox Abuse Center

Verizon Abuse Address

Hotmail Abuse Address

Juno Abuse Address