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Edwards Auditorium map

Balcony layout

Ground level layout


920 seats


Classroom Media Assistance,
Lower Level Library (LL4)
For reservations, Reserving General Assignment Classrooms.


Card Swipe

Important Notes: Card Activation
This auditorium is accessed with a card swipe lock. Before you can enter, you must have your URI ID card authorized for access to this room.

The card swipe is located on the door to the right of the main auditorium double doors.
Test your card at least 1 business day prior to your first class meeting.
If your card does not work, contact:

Facilities Services Access Control Office:
401-874- 4577


Auditorium Lighting Control

Immediately upon entering the auditorium, there will be an 'All On' light switch on the wall to your left.

Main Auditorium Lighting
Controlling individual lights in the auditorium can be done with the switcher panel located back stage, to the left of the closet.
The switcher is labeled with which lights each button controls. The lights are not on dimmers, the controls adjust ON/OFF status.


  • If the light next to the button is GREEN then the light is OFF
  • If the light next to the button is RED then the light is ON

There is a button, on the bottom right of the panel, that will turn all the lights either on or off.

Stage Lights
Stage lights are controlled by dimmer knobs located in the gray box on the wall to the right of the closet.
Each knob is labeled either center, right or left, and can be adjusted to desired lighting level.

To turn off stage lights, rotate knobs to the left until they 'click' in. This signals that they have been fully turned off.

Balcony Lights
the advanced stage lights located in the balcony must be set-up by a Classroom Media Technician and have limitations, please contact CMA directly regarding use of these lights.

Internet Access

Wired Connection

An installed ethernet cable is available for use at the podium.
The cable can be found in the flip top located on podium, in front of the podium mic.

Wireless Access

If you are unable to get online using the wired port, or if you prefer, all rooms also have wireless internet access.
If you have not used wireless access in the past, please be sure to test out your laptop before class starts.
Some manufacturers have special programs or settings that control wireless, or your machine may have a physical button that needs to be selected.

If you have never used your laptop on the URI network, you will be asked to download and install and electronic policy key. You probably don't want to do this during class time as it can be time consuming, so connect your laptop in your office first and get this step out of the way.

To authenticate with the policy site:
- Use your URI eCampus username
- With your Sakai/wireless password.

If you don't remember this password, please call the URI Help Desk at 401-874-4357.

TurningPoint Technologies Channel

Channel 1

Media Equipment


Media equipment is stored securely behind the stage in an electronically locked A/V Closet. Classroom Media Assistance asks that you do not attempt to enter the closet without a trained Tech present.

Edwards Auditorium has the following equipment installed:

  • Installed LCD Projector
  • Media Mobile Podium (BlueRay/DVD Player)
  • Wireless Microphone, handheld
  • Wireless Microphone, Lapel
  • Wired/Wireless Internet Access
  • Document Camera

Digital Media Podium

The digital media in Edwards Auditorium can be controlled through the Podium system.

NOTE: This section is currently under revision, please contact Classroom Media Assistance for complete media use instruction.

  • This Podium includes connection for a Laptop through either VGA or HDMI.
  • The Podium is stored in the back room for security when system is not in use.
  • The Podium will be set up by a CMA tech at start of each weekday, please contact CMA(see above)for future requests.
  • The podium is tethered by a system umbilical to the main system in the back room. There is no position limits to where a professor prefers to place the podium within the limits of the umbilical.

Connecting a Laptop

1.There is a VGA cable on the podium that can be used to connect a laptop to the podium in order to be displayed.
2.Turn the laptop on, if it is not already.
3.Once the VGA cable is attached to the laptop, select the tab on the screen which reads 'laptop'. This will tell the projector to display the laptop image.

  • If using a Mac laptop, an adapter will be needed. You must provide your own.
  • You can also have the podium screen display the laptop image for presenter on the whole screen by touching the small image of the laptop screen. This will bring the laptop image up on the whole podium screen. Touching the screen again will return the podium to the normal view.

Wireless Microphone

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There is a drawer on the left side of the podium, directly above an open alcove, where a handheld wireless microphone and lavalier wireless mic pack are stored along with additional batteries for both units.

Document Camera

Edwdoc.JPG Edwdoccamlabel.jpg

The document camera is stored inside the podium. A shelf pulls out from the side of the podium.
All connections for the Document Camera are inside the laptop bag, which is also stored inside the podium.
The wireless hand held microphone is also stored in the laptop bag.

Special Events

Edwards Auditorium can be booked for hosting special events by contacting:
Enrollment Services

If you are hosting a special event in the auditorium, and will be needing the sound system or podium for media use, you will need to reserve tech support for the event.

Tech support can be requested by contacting:
Katie Babula

Depending on the event, tech fees may incur. Please contact Katie to determine if your event will have a fee associated with it.

Locking Up Procedures

  • 1. Manually power Off each Media playback device and remove tape or disc.
  • 2. Press "All OFF" on the podium monitor.
  • 3. Power Off your laptop. Remove all cables.
  • 4. Power OFF microphone.
  • 5. A CMA tech will come to put the equipment away.
  • 6. Turn the classroom lights OFF. Shut all Exit Doors.
  • 7. Swipe-lock the main door using your URI ID card. The card-reader light will blink green when in locked mode.


Ask students waiting for the next class to remain outside the classroom until their instructor arrives.
You as Instructor are responsible for the room's security during your class time, so please lock up!

Additional Room Details

Classroom Information

building Edwards
room 110
reservation_contact Enrollment Services 874-2817 Memorial Union 874-2214
media_contact Classroom Media Assistance 874-4278
floor_level first
disability handicapped elevator (behind stage)
room_access electronic
wall_type cement, paint, sheetrock
wall_condition good
ceiling_type plaster
ceiling_condition dirty
floor_type cement, carpet
floor_condition good
floor_slope sloped
aisles yes
stairs yes
stage yes
windows yes
window_quantity 8
window_condition good
window_location left, right
window_covering drapes, opaque, fabric
traffic_noise minor
boards two
board_location rear
board_width 5 feet 9 inches
board_height 3 feet 9 inches
writing_area 3105 in^2
board_type white, chalk
board_condition good
projection_screen yes
screen_quantity one
screen_location front
screen_type electric, traditional format 4:3
screen_condition excellent
instructor_access electronic
instructor_type workstation
platform yes
light yes
instructor_outlets yes
instructor_outlets_quantity 1
distributed_outlets yes
distributed_outlets_quantity 7
lighting_type audience area, emergency, exit signs, zoned
light_switches near door, rear, stage
light_dimmers stage
seating_type fixed chair, cloth, auditorium, tiered
heating yes
ventilation yes
air_noise minor
capacity_number 931
accessories clock
overhead_projector yes
overhead_location cart
extra_bulb okay
cd_dvd_player yes
cd_dvd_quantity 1
cd_dvd_location cart
cd_dvd_type region 1, combo VCR
sound_system yes
system_quantity 7
speaker_locations front wall mount, distributed ceiling-mount
microphone yes
mic_quantity three
mic_type lavalier, hand-held
mic_location locked cabinet or drawer
wireless yes
dynamic_ip yes