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e-Campus is an online service that URI employs for course registration, application status, creating advisor appointments, viewing financial aid, human resources management, and other functions. e-Campus is a vital component of the University and all students and faculty or staff should register and remember their e-Campus username. e-Campus may sometimes be referred to as "PeopleSoft" as e-Campus runs on PeopleSoft software.

Visitor/Prospective Student Accounts

Users must fill out the Non-Degree Application Form to activate an e-Campus account. This form must be submitted to Enrollment Services.

Step-by-Step Student Guide

How Do I e-Campus documents provide guides to help you access your personal, academic and financial information in the PeopleSoft (e-Campus) database.

Forgot your User ID?

If you have forgotten your e-Campus User ID, go to the e-Campus Forgot My User ID page and enter all of the required information then click on Continue.

Forget Your Password?

If you have forgotten your e-Campus password, you can have a new password e-mailed to you. Enter your User ID on the e-Campus Forgot Your Password page and click on Continue.

Language Settings

To force e-Campus to display English only, use the following at the end of the URL.


Viewing Classes

If a professor cannot see their classes in e-Campus, make sure the faculty member listed for that class is also listed in the e-campus catalogue. If the class professor is only listed as staff, the professor must go to their department to get that resolved.

Self Paced Training

With the latest version of PeopleSoft (Version 8.9), URI now offers interactive and non-interactive training for e-Campus.

Interactive training for Faculty, Staff, and Students offers two modes. The "See It" mode is a timed and computer controlled walk-through of the topic covered in a specific lesson. The "Try It" mode is a user controlled walk-through with various interactive elements. The HCM Administration lessons also feature "See It" and "Try It", but in addition feature "Know It" and "Do It". The "Do It" mode uses a blank test account for the user to practice various features with an actual user interface. The "Know It" mode is used to quiz the user on the lessons learned.

Interactive training requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher and all pop up blockers must be disabled. If Internet Explorer is unavailable, non-interactive training is available in the form of plain html webpages. Training schedules are available for all systems of e-Campus.

Parental Access

By default, no one other than the user has access to his/her e-Campus account and information. If you would like to grant access, for example to your parents so they can pay your bills, follow the instruction on Enrollment Services Granting e-Campus Student Account Access to a Parent and/or Third Party page.

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