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Wolfvision Document Camera as of 2016

Document Camera

Classroom Media Assistance provides a modern version of the traditional Overhead Transparency Projector. Instead of using a series of mirrors and optical lenses, Document Cameras employ a digital video camera to capture 3D objects as well as documents, both paper and transparency, and projects the image in real time using a digital projector installed in capable classrooms.

Document Camera Use

In order to begin using the document camera you should first select the document camera source from the room media control. After a few seconds the document camera should turn on. Once you select where you would like your image to display you can begin using the document camera.

To adjust and or widen the area which is being displayed gently lift and adjust the document camera. You do not have to hold it or lock it in place it does that on its own. Once you are done return the document camera to its original starting point by gently pushing it down and then turn the system off as you normally would when using the projector.

Please Note

You cannot move the location of the document camera and you should not attempt to relocate it. Also do not attempt to move it left and right. It can only move up and down.